Dermaplaning is an effective, safe and gentle exfoliating treatment. A sterile scalpel is glided across the skin to remove dead skin cells , dirt , vellus hair (peach fuzz) and any impurities from the outermost layers of the skin. It is the ideal treatment that leaves skin feeling soft and smooth as well as looking fresh and radiant! You can opt for a 40 minute Der-maplaning Facial, or in order to enhance the exfoliation even more you can add a Peel, treatment mask or LED Therapy that’s specific to your skin needs.
Dermaplaning can also be combined with other treatments such Micro-needling - check out the The VV GLOW FACIAL or The VV FIRM & GLOW FACIAL (Below).



The VW Firm & Glow

60 Minutes £95.00
This exfoliating, firming and smoothing treatment combines Dermaplaning and Cryotherapy lymphatic massage, targeted serums, treatment mask and intense LED Therapy.

Derma Express

40 Minutes £39.00
Includes a thorough cleanse & tone, skin prep, Dermaplaning and SPF Moisturisers.

Light Chemical Peel £20.00
EGF Skin Booster £10.00
Treatment Mask £10.00
LED Therapy £15.00

Derma Deluxe

60 Minutes £65.00
Includes all from the express facial with the additions of a Skin peel, treatment mask and LED Therapy.