LED Therapy

So… what is LED Therapy?

LED Therapy is a non-invasive treatment were narrow band, non-thermal LED energy is used to effectively treat an array of skin concerns. Various colour lights penetrate the skin at different levels stimulating mechanisms that help to deliver noticeable results in our skin.

How does it work?

The light source will vary in colour depending on the area that is being targeted. Our skin uses that light to help repair and rejuvenate damaged cells as well as kill bacteria for those that suffer with breakouts. The energy stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, boosts circulation and accelerates tissue repair.

Who is the treatment suitable for?

LED is suitable for all skin types and can be completed as a stand-alone treatment or as an add on to other facials such as Dermaplaning, Peels and Skin Needling.  LED Therapy is ideal for overall skin rejuvenation, sun damage, acne, rosacea, inflammation, wound healing, and scarring.

What colours are used and what do they treat?

Blue light – A powerful antibacterial system that kills bacteria and helps the skin to heal so therefore is effective in treating acne without causing any irritation. It helps to reduce oil production, preventing future breakouts.

Red Light – A stimulator of collagen that treats fine lines and wrinkles and gives overall skin rejuvenation. It increases hydration levels, helps to reduce the size of pores, promotes skin repair, improves circulation, and reduces inflamed/ red skin. It has been medically proven that Red Light is an effective treatment for Rosacea.

Yellow Light - Increases wound healing, collagen induction, skin hydration and overall health of the skin,  It works by stimulating the rejuvenation process within the cells to improve the density of the skin giving radiant, healthier skin.

Green Light – A calming effect that is used to even on the skin tone, dealing with hyperpigmentation and sun- spots as it slows down the production of melanin. It also treats broken capillaries, dark under eye circles and saggy skin.

Although you will be able to see a difference after your first session of LED Therapy however a course of treatments is advised.

LED Therapy £25.00

20 minute session

LED Therapy

4 Sessions £90

6 Sessions £135

LED Therapy £30.00

30 minute session

Includes a light Enzyme Peel

LED Therapy add on £15.00

Add on an LED to any other facial available