Permanent Cosmetics

Yes, Sarah Jane is trained to Level 4 in Micropigmentation, the highest level in the U.K. She trained at The Clinical Academy in Portsmouth with some of the best trainers within the industry. Sarah Jane is a registered Permanent Cosmetics artist with Fareham Borough Council, is fully insured and a first aider in tattooing.

Permanent Cosmetics is a perfect solution for those who wear makeup on a daily basis as it eradicates the need to apply and retouch make up throughout the day. It is also great if you struggle to apply makeup or if you are allergic to conventional makeup. We also ensure that you are a suitable candidate for the treatment by completing a thorough consultation.

We use Permablend, Tina Davies and BeU pigments so have a great variety of pigment colours available. Together with our practitioner you will decide on your perfect colour, one that will compliment your skin tone and look.

Yes after measuring the perfect brow shape we then draw in the brow with a pencil, for lips we draw a liner around the lips so you are able to see and make adjustments if needed. We do not complete the procedure until you are happy with the shape and colour.

Approx 60 -90 minutes but this can vary from client to client and what procedure is to be completed. We take our time, ensuring you are given the best possible treatment.

This varies from person to person and environmental factors, but it can last up to 3 years. It is recommended that a colour boost be done annually.

These two procedures are in a sense very similar, they are both treatments that are used to enhance the look of the brow. Essentially it is the tools and the technique that stands these two treatments apart and knowing which to one to choose will be down to your desired look. Our practitioner will advise you of the treatment best suited to you.

Everyone is different when it comes to pain but we understand that this is a main concern for many clients. We try to make you as relaxed as possible in our beautiful, private studio. We use a numbing cream beforehand and throughout the procedure ensuring your comfort. That being said you will feel a slight “scratchy” sensation. As a first aid trained Permanent Cosmetics artist Sarah Jane is also able to prescribe ActFast, a topical adrenaline that is applied in order to minimise bleeding and swelling. This is an additional service and is chargeable.

Yes, we will patch test you for the pigment that will be used and the numbing cream.

If you have done the research and you feel it’s for you, then we will make an appointment to visit our studio before committing to a procedure.  This gives us the opportunity to discuss what you would like and if it is achievable, it also gives us the chance to check if you are a suitable candidate for the treatment. We will also cover what you need to do before your treatment.  If you would like to go ahead after your consultation we will book you an appointment, a non refundable booking fee will be required to confirm your appointment.

Once you have had your treatment you will be given an aftercare pack. It is your responsibility to ensure you stick to the aftercare routine in order to get the very best from your treatment.

Yes. In all our treatments we include a colour boosting top up 4-6 weeks later. Top ups are a very important part of the procedure in order to get the best results.


Yes, Sarah Jane is trained to Level 4 in Microblading, the highest level in the U.K. She trained at The Clinical Academy in Portsmouth with some of the best trainers within the industry. Sarah Jane is a registered with Fareham Borough Council, is fully insured and a first aid trained.

Microblading is a form of tattoo artistry and is a procedure were a hand held tool is used to implant pigment which in turn gives the illusion of thicker, fuller looking brows.

We use a numbing cream throughout the process to make you as comfortable as possible. You will feel a slight “scratchy” sensation but  it is considered to be only very mild.

Yes, once we have completed the correct measurements we draw the shape of the brow. You are able to see this and make adjustments if necessary.

Since Microblading pigments are not implanted into the skin as deep as traditional tattoos, the area will naturally fade. Typically it can last up to 3 years depending on your skin type, environmental factors and home care routine.

If you have sparse eyebrows that lack shape, then Yes Microblading could be for you. We do however need to carry out a consultation beforehand, this will give us the opportunity to discuss what you want to achieve and if it is possible. We will also check that you are a suitable candidate.


Yes, Sarah Jane is trained to up to level 4 in aesthetic skincare including, Mesotherapy and  Medical Needling. She has also an approved practitioner for INNOPen, FillMed Cryotherapy and Luminotherapy and was one of the first ever practitioners to gain level 4 in Chemical Skin Peels.

We offer complimentary skin assessments and it is during this time we will establish a treatment that is perfect for your skin type and deals with your concerns.

We use different needling techniques in order to give the desired end results. Depending on the area of concern will determine the length of needle we use. The longer the needle (more for stretch marks and areas of the body) the more uncomfortable it can be. We can use a numbing cream for your comfort but most clients don’t feel the need to do so and feel it is very bearable.

Then our Cryotherapy, Luminotherapy and Chemical Peel treatments are the perfect answer. These “no need for needle”  treatments are just as effective as our needling procedures and tackle just as many skin concerns.

Yes…. We have personally selected treatments that have clinically proven results. We have completed various case studies ourselves on the treatments we offer and have found them to be very effective in treating numerous skin concerns.