Permanent Cosmetics

Brows have become increasingly popular over the past few years and more and more people are turning to Permanent Cosmetics to fulfil their wish of fuller brows. Brows are our most prominent facial feature and having the right shape and colour can really transform our look, from balancing out the face and giving that “lift” to framing and accentuating the eyes. Permanent Brow Cosmetics is a great solution for creating those perfect brows, that are there from the moment you wake up, they will not smudge, they will not disappear after a swim or melt in the sun! So, throw away those pencils and stencils and save yourself time and money.

Have you ever tried to apply eyeliner? Do you spend a lot of time applying it each day? Yet still not a master? If so, then Permanent Eyeliner Cosmetics may well be the answer! By enhancing the eyes with a tattooed liner, whether it be soft and subtle or bold and defined, you will really help to make those eyes pop. Not only will it save you time – you will rock that eyeliner day and night!

Eyeliners don’t need to be bold to be noticed, even a soft liner can help to open up those eyes and give the illusion of thicker and fuller lashes. Winged or Wedged liners can also be achieved if you are wanting a more dramatic look.

I am accredited to level 4 in Micropigmentation (Permanent Cosmetics) and have gone on to train in more advanced eyeliner techniques so that I can offer clients a great range of looks and effects.

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All Permanent Cosmetics include a Complimentary Consultation, patch test, initial treatment, 8-week perfecting top-up and an aftercare pack.

Permanent Lip Cosmetics is rapidly becoming a firm favourite for those wanting luscious, rosy lips without the need to apply lipstick or to add filler. As we age our lips lose their definition, volume and pigment colour but Permanent Lip Cosmetics can totally revamp them, bringing them back to life! Having a lip tattoo restores the shape of the lips, gives symmetry, adds colour (from nudes to pinks), disguises scars and imperfections and can also give the illusion of fuller lips without the need for filler.

I am a level 4 accredited artist in Micropigmentation (Permanent Cosmetics) who has undergone advanced training, mastering numerous techniques including the Pixel Ombre Lip technique, enabling me to give clients beautiful results every time. Lip tattoo colours do not have to be bright and bold – even a very nude colour can make a huge difference to the appearance of the lips – and I am proof of that!

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All Lip treatments include – Full Consultation, patch test, initial treatment, 8-week top up treatment and an aftercare pack.