Brows have become increasingly popular over the past few years and more and more people are turning to Permanent Cosmetics to fulfil their wish of fuller brows. Brows are our most prominent facial feature and having the right shape and colour can really transform our look, from balancing out the face and giving that “lift” to framing and accentuating the eyes. Permanent Brow Cosmetics is a great solution for creating those perfect brows, that are there from the moment you wake up, they will not smudge, they will not disappear after a swim or melt in the sun! So, throw away those pencils and stencils and save yourself time and money.

I am accredited to Level 4 in Micropigmentation (Permanent Cosmetics) and have also completed numerous advanced training courses, becoming an official, certified artist in both Invisibrow and Pixel Power Brow techniques. I am able to offer a range of techniques from natural hairstrokes to soft powdered to a more bold and defined look. Consultations are necessary to discuss the different techniques, what will be best for you and if you are a suitable candidate.

If you would like to know more about Permanent Brow Cosmetics – please contact me to arrange your Complimentary Consultation.

All Permanent Cosmetics include – Complimentary Consultation, patch test, initial treatment, 8 week perfecting top up and an aftercare pack.


Application Methods:

Invisibrows - £295.00

This the perfect tattooing treatment for those of you who want a “tinted” look. A very soft powdery effect around the whole brow that gives a beautiful, subtle result.

Combi Brow - £250.00

This technique combines feathered hair-stroke at the bulb of the brow finishing with a mist of colour at the tail. Creates a stunning brow with texture and depth.

Powder Brows - £275.00

This is a step up from the Invisibrow - replicating the look that powder or pencil has been applied throughout the whole of the brows. This technique is the best solution if you have old PMU that you would like to cover up.

Colour Boosts

6 - 12 months £110.00
12 - 18 months £130.00

To keep your brows looking fresh an annual colour boost may be necessary. For those who have had their previous treatment with me, you receive an annual colour boost at a reduced price. This is 1 treatment and does not include a top up – it is simply to boost the existing colour.

Pixel Power Brows - £295.00

Bold and defined at the tail of the brow with a pixelated fade towards the bulb. A very popular style were layers of 2/3 brow pigments are infused to create a truly powerful, ombre effect.

So you want those brows - what happens next?



Before we can go ahead with any treatment, it's important to have a Complimentary Consultation with me. This gives me the opportunity to ensure you are suitable for a Permanent Cosmetic treatment. I will offer professional and honest advice on what procedure would be best for you and how to get the best possible healed results. This is also a great time for you to ask questions and to make sure I’m the right PMU Technician for you before committing to a procedure. A patch test is completed during the Consultation. (It is important to inform me at this stage what medications you are taking as this can affect treatment).


Booking your Treatment

Once you are happy for the procedure to go ahead (and the patch test is OK) you can book your Initial Treatment. A booking fee will be required in order to secure an appointment. Once I have confirmation of this I will send over the pre-procedures for Permanent Cosmetics, it is important you read them and follow all advice given.


Your First Appointment

You will be warmly welcomed into my clinic and made comfortable. Prior to treatment you will complete various forms. I will clean and numb the brow area and with your permission take before photos (these are great to look back on!) I will take the time necessary to draw in a brow template (using various measuring tools), I never rush! Once we are happy with the shape, I will start to look at the best pigment colour – taking into consideration your Fitzpatrick Type, Skin Tone, Skin Type and if you have any existing PMU. (I turn into a little Scientist sometimes, mixing pigments together in order to get the right one!) Once we have agreed the shape and pigment colour we get to work! The procedure can take up to 2.5/ 3 hours, but numbing cream is used throughout to keep you comfy! You will feel a slight “scratchy” sensation, but it is very bearable (I speak from experience) Once the Brows have been completed and you are happy with them, I will provide you with an aftercare kit including how to look after your brows.


Perfecting Top Up

Before you leave your initial appointment, I will book you in for your Perfecting Top Up. This allows me the opportunity to perfect the Brows. This needs to be around 6 weeks after the initial treatment and is included in the initial price. This is a very important step in finalising the desired look - you can then really enjoy those BROWS! Perfecting top up treatments must be completed within the agreed timescale as set out.


Annual Colour Boosts

Permanent Makeup does fade over time and exposure to the sun and various skin types are contributing factors. In order to keep those brows looking fresh and fabulous I offer discounted Colour Boosting Treatments to clients who have had their initial tattooing treatment with me.


If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me, I would be happy to help.