Have you ever tried to apply eyeliner? Do you spend a lot of time applying it each day? Yet still not a master? If so, then Permanent Eyeliner Cosmetics may well be the answer! By enhancing the eyes with a tattooed liner, whether it be soft and subtle or bold and defined, you will really help to make those eyes pop. Not only will it save you time – you will rock that eyeliner day and night!

Eyeliners don’t need to be bold to be noticed, even a soft liner can help to open up those eyes and give the illusion of thicker and fuller lashes. Winged or Wedged liners can also be achieved if you are wanting a more dramatic look.

I am accredited to level 4 in Micropigmentation (Permanent Cosmetics) and have gone on to train in more advanced eyeliner techniques so that I can offer clients a great range of looks and effects.

If you would like further information about Permanent Eyeliner Cosmetics, then book your Complimentary Consultation now.

All Permanent Cosmetics include a Complimentary Consultation, patch test, initial treatment, 8-week perfecting top-up and an aftercare pack.

Eyelash Enhancement - £195.00

Dots are placed along the lash line to give the illusion of thicker, fuller lashes. Perfect for the more mature client.

Classic Liner, Upper or Lower £225.00, Both £250.00

Define those eyes with a Classic Liner – A subtle yet effective treatment that really open up those eyes.

Wedged Eyeliner (FREE lower lash line if required) £275.00

This is the ultimate eyeliner treatment that gives fabulous results. Can be a little thicker than that of a Classic liner with a “flick” or “wedge” to the outer edge of the upper lash line.

Patch tests are required.


So you want tip top eyeliner…what happens next?



Before we can go ahead with any treatment, it's important to have a Complimentary Consultation with me. This gives me the opportunity to ensure you are suitable for a Permanent Cosmetic treatment. I will offer professional and honest advice on what procedure would be best for you and how to get the best possible healed results. This is also a great time for you to ask questions and to make sure I’m the right PMU Technician for you before committing to a procedure. A patch test is completed during the Consultation. (It is important to inform me at this stage what medications you are taking as this can affect treatment).


Booking your Treatment

Once you are happy for the procedure to go ahead (and the patch test is OK) you can book your Initial Treatment. A booking fee will be required in order to secure an appointment. Once I have confirmation of this I will send over the pre-procedures for Permanent Cosmetics, it is important you read them and follow all advice given.


Your First Appointment

You will be warmly welcomed into my clinic and made comfortable. Prior to treatment you will complete various forms. I will clean and numb the eye area and with your permission take before photos (these are great to look back on!) I will take the time to draw in a crisp lip border as my template, with red pen (yes red, but don’t worry your eyeline will NOT turn red, its just my guide) I never rush this! Once we are happy with the outline, I will start to look at the best pigment colour. Once we have agreed the outline and pigment colour we get to work! The procedure can take up to 2.5/ 3 hours, numbing cream is used throughout to keep you comfy! You will feel a slight “scratchy” sensation, but it is very bearable. Once the Eyeliner has been completed and you are happy, I will provide you with an aftercare kit including how to look after your new tattooed eyeliner, it is vital you read, understand and follow the aftercare in order to get the best possible results.


Perfecting Top Up

Before you leave your initial appointment, I will book you in for your Perfecting Top Up. This allows me the opportunity to perfect the eyeliner. This needs to be around 6 weeks after the initial treatment and is included in the initial price. This is a very important step in finalising the desired look! Perfecting top up treatments must be completed within the agreed timescale as set out.


Annual Colour Boosts

Permanent Makeup does fade over time and exposure to the sun and various skin types are contributing factors. In order to keep your Eyeliner Tattoo looking fresh and fabulous I offer discounted Colour Boosting Treatments to clients who have had their initial tattooing treatment with me.


If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me, I would be happy to help.