If you have more than 1 area treated within the same sitting, you will benefit from huge discounts. It may be advised during Consultation that additional areas are to be treated in order to achieve optimal results, therefore packages have been put together in order to save you time and money. Packages can also be put together that are specific to your needs, not only that, any subsequent treatments are discounted even further!

Packages are available for areas of the body and prices would be confirmed during Consultation.

Any 2 areas £250.00 (saves £140.00)
Includes Forehead lines, Crows Feet, Upper Lip Lines, Marionette Lines

Upper & Lower Eyes £250.00 (saves £140.00)

Upper Eyes & Brow Lift £275.00 (saves £140.00)

Upper & Lower Eyes + Crows Feet £300.00 (saves £285.00)

Complete Eye Lift & Rejuvenation £450.00 (saves £355.00)
Includes upper & lower eyes, crows feet & brow Lift

Neck & Jowls from £325.00 (saving at least £125.00)

Mini Facelift £400.00 (saves £215.00)
Includes upper lip line, marionette lines, chin area and jowls

Please note that aftercare products are necessary and are an additional cost.