Here at Visibly Vibrant we have a huge amount of belief in the merits of Mesotherapy, because we have seen the results for ourselves!

Mesotherapy is a technique that involves micro-injections into the epidermis of the unique CE marked, NCTF 135HA formula by Filorga. This aesthetic formula consists of hyaluronic acid for ultimate hydration as well vitamins, amino acids, co-enzymes, minerals and proteins. This ultimate cocktail of natural ingredients help to treat ageing skin and improve the overall skin quality revealing brighter, healthier more youthful looking skin. The treatment is virtually pain free and does not alter your facial features. It can be completed as a 30 minute Express Meso & Go for a quick skin revitalisation or a signature 60 minute Meso and Glow for a real skin boosting experience.

A course of Mesotherapy is advised for ultimate, prolonged results. We advise 3 or 5 treatment courses.


MesoTherapy NCTF 135HA

Meso and Go - £70.00

30 minutes

If your skin is feeling a little tired  and looking rather dull then this 30 minute procedure is the perfect pick me up. After a thorough cleanse a light peel is applied, this in itself helps to exfoliate the skin and help with skin texture and tone. Once the peel has been neutralised the NCTF 135HA is injected giving overall skin revitalisation and ultimate hydration.

Signature Meso Glow - £99.00

60 minutes

This procedure offers all of what our Meso and Go treatment consists of… and more! This is our signature 60 minute treatment that not only rejuvenates the skin from deep within it helps to relax the mind and body…. a perfect combination. Consists of a thorough cleanse, skin specific chemical peel, NCTF 135HA injections, signature lymphatic head and scalp massage, hyaluronic face mask, LED therapy and vitamin infused serum application. This is the skin perfecting and rejuvenating treatment that has become one of our most popular.

Skin Makeover Course

If you are looking to rewind the ageing process, add radiance and lift the skin without altering your facial features then this Meso Skin Makeover is just for you. This powerful, effective course will give you enviable, long-lasting flawless skin from deep within. Depending on your skin condition a course of 5 may be recommended in order to effectively tackle your skin concerns. The Meso Skin Makeover is skin specific and each 60 minute treatment may vary in order to tackle each concern.

3x 60 minute Treatments
Price £250.00 (save over £45.00)

5x 60 minute treatments
Price £399.00 (save over £90.00)